Our 5 favorite Food Thoughts from 2011

We had a lot of fun with food in 2011 and we thought this would be a great time recap the highlights. Besides all the wonderful food in Santa Fe, we like to travel and love to find out what others are doing in the culinary realm. Besides Santa Fe, our 5 favorite Food Thought posts from 2011 takes to San Diego and Ireland. Here we go.

Frito pie at the Five and Dime in Santa Fe, photo/courtesy Five and Dime

Frito pie at the Five and Dime in Santa Fe where it originated, photo/courtesy Five and Dime

Santa Fe’s homegrown Frito Pie gave us an excuse for an enjoyable conversation with food writer Michael Stern. Michael and Jane Stern are known for their Roadfood books and resulting column in the defunct Gourmet magazine. Their new book the Lexicon of Real American Food, gives Santa Fe credit as the birthplace of Frito Pie. Santa Fe Fritos Pie, A real American Food

Pat Whelan with his Black Angus, photo courtesy Pat Whelan

Clonmel butcher Pat Whelan with the Black Angus he raises, photo/courtesy Pat Whelan

We love to travel to Ireland so it’s always on our radar. We heard about Pat Whelan, a County Tipperary butcher, through,@Irishfoodguide, a mutual Twitter connection. He either raises or finishes, then slaughters the meat sold in his Clonmel shop. He is currently experimenting with raising wagyu beef. People in Ireland and the United Kingdom can buy his full range of quality products from poultry, to lamb, pork and beef online.  With a resource like that, fresh and local is pure joy!  Pat Whelan: the butcher of Clonmel

Mural at El Camino Restaurant, San Diego, CA

Exterior mural at El Camino Restaurant, San Diego photo/Steve Collins

When we travel we love to find dining spots that locals favor. For our visit to San Diego and resulting story Dining like the Locals in San Diego, Billie talked to lots of concierges, other guests and lots of locals from that area about their favorite dining spots in San Diego and then we tried them out. Dining like the locals in San Diego.

A spring Saturday at the Santa Fe Farmer's Market

A spring Saturday at the Santa Fe Farmer's Market photo/Steve Collins

The Santa Fe food scene includes a great farmers’ market featuring lots of growers who are interested in New Mexico’s well-established heritage of fruit, vegetables, meat, dairy and poultry. The Santa Fe Farmers Market allows local residents to connect with local producers for fresh from the farm food. One of the best ways to eat like a local in Santa Fe is to enjoy all of the good food straight from the source. Eat like the locals in Santa Fe


Roque's Carnitas Santa Fe, NM

Roque's Carnitas has been a fixture on the Santa Fe Plaza for years, photo/Steve Collins

Most thriving culinary centers also have a thriving food truck scene. Santa Fe is no exception. From the Plaza to Galisteo Street and all around Santa Fe, food trucks are alive and well. There are way more places to get takeaway food than we could do justice to. Dining alfresco on the cheap in Santa Fe

We’d love to hear your favorite food experiences from 2011.

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  1. Bunny Terry
    December 30, 2011 at 7:21 am #

    Great post! And I would love to use this idea for my own blog on New Mexico. I’ve read several of your posts now – recommended by Wendy Kapp, and you’re doing a great job! Keep it up. . .

    • Billie Frank
      December 30, 2011 at 9:47 am #

      Thanks Bunny! It’s a great time of year for blog round-ups. Great that Wendy recommended you. Check out our services at The Santa Fe Traveler (http://www.thesantafetraveler.com next time you plan to visit Santa Fe.

  2. Charles Higgins
    December 31, 2011 at 7:42 am #

    Great culinary recap…varied…and good options..


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