Photo of the week: Truth or Consequences, NM celebrates 100th birthday

Truth or Consequences NM celebrates 100th birthday - the town is known for its hot sptings. Here's a sign for Pelican Spa photo Steve Collins

Pelican Spa, one of the many hot spring places in T or C’ photo/Steve Collins

This year Truth or Consequences, NM celebrates its 100th birthday. The quirky southern New Mexico town was officially incorporated as Hot Springs, NM in 1916. The town, as the original name implied, is filled with mineral hot springs. Indigenous  peoples living in or traveling through the area have soaked in these springs for many hundreds of years, perhaps even millennia.

We wanted to give the town a shout-out for it’s centennial. This shot of Pelican Spa sign encompasses the essence of the town.

In 1950, the town changed it’s name to Truth of Consequences in response to a publicity campaign launched by Truth or Consequences, the popular radio, then TV, quiz  show. Mineral Hot Springs answered their call. The town, now known as T or C by locals, changed their name on March 31, 1950. Today, visitors come to soak in the many hot spring establishments around town and for the budding art scene that has sprung up in recent years.

Truth or Consequences NM celebrates 100th birthday this year. Have you been there?

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