Photo of the week: Hackberry General Store

The west side of the Hackberry General Store in Hackberry AZ photo Steve Collins

The west side of the Hackberry General Store in Hackberry AZ photo/Steve Collins

We were going through photos for a post on vintage gas stations on Route 66 that we’re working on when we came across this one. The Hackberry General Store was one of our favorite stops on the Arizona stretch of Historic Route 66. Today the Hackberry General Store is part museum and part souvenir shop. It’s been called the “mother lode of mother road memorabilia.” Outside you’ll find old gas pumps and vintage gas signs as well as classic cars and trucks including a cherry red 1956 Corvette. Inside you’ll find old photos of movie stars and others who traveled the Mother Road, old maps, books  a vintage diner, and souvenirs. We love this photo of the west side of the Hackberry General Store for a few reasons: the weathered building juxtaposed with the cactus and palmettos  warning of the desert ahead and the vintage signs on the building. If you love old gas station paraphernalia and Route 66 memorabilia like we do you’ll love the Hackberry General Store.

Have you been to the Hackberry General Store?

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